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  • Microsoft Solutions

    Our long-term partnership with industry expert Microsoft Corporation, allows us to provide a full spectrum of top-quality IT services ranging from consulting on the choice of solutions and pilot implementations, to putting the system into operation and maintenance.

  • Hardware

    Hardware is the foundation of any IT infrastructure. Softline possesses all the necessary tools and expertise to build the hardware foundation of enterprise architecture of any complexity.

  • Security

    Information security is a priority for Softline.

  • Other Cloud/ 3rd Party Cloud Solutions

    Softline is aware of business needs and objectives.

  • IT Asset Management

    Software Asset Management is a practice of effective control of a full software lifecycle from the moment of budget/purchase planning till disposition/deletion.

  • Consulting

    We offer our clients state-of-the-art technology solutions and we want to help them make the most out of the IT capabilities and achieve all the project goals.

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We accomplished over 2000 projects
We accomplished over 2000 projects
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