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Our History

2016 – Softline reached one billion USD revenues

With branches in 80 cities in 30 countries worldwide Softline helps thousands of customers every year to reinvent their businesses leveraging latest Information Technology. Softline builds the largest 600+ rack datacenter in Eastern Europe recognized as a Datacenter Project of the Year and implements the first IoT projects. Compliance with the ISO 9001 international standard confirms Softline’s quality of service. New services in the portfolio include Workplace as a Service, Hardware as a Service and Managed Services.

2015 – Solution and Service Provider 

Softline becomes a global Microsoft partner with the LSP status in 19 countries. Large service projects are implemented in Gazprom, Transneft, Rusagro, and dozens of other corporate clients. Softline builds the largest 600+ rack datacenter in Eastern Europe and implements the first IoT projects. The best sales practices are implemented in the corporate scale. Many lines of business are rapidly developing: data center construction and modernization, SAM, online sales, cloud resource rental for cloud providers and many others. Sovkombank invests into Softline. Our company merges with Compusoftware, a leader in licensing and infrastructural services from Brazil. Corporate business spans over 30 countries and 80 cities.

2014 –  Services, Cloud, Hardware

More than 1000 service projects were implemented. Cloud technologies, IT services and hardware delivery become the main Softline development fields. A wide spectrum of services related to public, private, and hybrid clouds in the Softline data centers, as well as the platforms of the leading vendors, are added to the solution portfolio. Novacom, a consulting company from Belarus, joins the Softline Group. Softline’s performance is acclaimed by the leading international analysts. Softline becomes one of the Top 5 IT companies in Russia according to RIA Novosti.

2012 – Services as a Growth Driver – Turnover $ 712,9 mln

New service business structure proves its efficiency: we see impressive growth in all service lines of business. Cloud and hardware lines of business also grow considerably. According to Cnews Analytics, Softline becomes a member of Top-4 largest Russian IT companies in the field of information security. The company expands its presence in overseas: offices in Cambodia, Laos and Costa Rica are opened.

2010 – Consolidated Service Department – Turnover $ 417,7 mln

A Service Directorate is created, consolidating the technical support, consulting, information security, virtualization, CAD, and other service lines of business. Softline Venture Partners actively invest into startups. A Belarusian cloud provider ActiveCloud becomes a member of Softline Group. SaaS service store is created.

2008 – Becoming an International Company – Turnover $ 265,4 mln

After opening new offices in Turkey, Venezuela and Vietnam, we have branches in 13 countries and 48 cities. Softline becomes an international IT company.

2006 – Focus on Services – Turnover $ 80.7 mln

Several consulting departments work steadily. Softline helps clients implement Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, creates and modernizes clients’ IT infrastructure and offers HR consulting services.

Softline actively develops new services: technical support, IT outsourcing, and software audit. More than 600 employees work in the company. Softline has offices in 10 countries and 32 cities.

2004 – Sustainable Growth

A joint venture named Microsoft Solution Center is established. AXOFT, an affiliate company specializing in distribution, enters the market. Offices in Almaty, Tashkent, Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg are opened. Softline launches a new online store for small businesses and individuals – www.allsoft.ru.

2002 – Regional Expansion

The year of regional branch development – new offices are opened in Kiev, Khabarovsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

2001 – Marketing, Education, and Distribution

Softline Education Center is founded. The company launches the distribution line of business. The first representative office of the company beyond Moscow is opened in Minsk. Each Tuesday, Softline holds free technical workshops that become a meeting point for Moscow IT specialists and managers. The company starts publishing a printed software catalog.

1998 – The First Successes

The main business of the company is licensing the software from Microsoft and other major vendors. The turnover is 1.5 mln per year, and the headcount reaches 35.

1993 – At the Origins

The company starts to work in scientific software licensing. 10 employees work in the staff.